TameraxIn a crowded sea of faceless DJs and anonymous party scenes, Tamerax has managed to separate himself from the pack, building a reputation and a following that has seen him welcomed at events across North America for over 16 years. His sets are constructed out of only the most thunderous and intense tracks designed to drive any floor wild. Partiers instantly respond to his mix of hard trance and Freeform.

Part of what sets Tamerax apart from other DJ’s is his relentless energy behind the decks. His ability to engage the crowd through his sheer passion for the music he is playing enables him to form a connection that few other performers can lay claim.


Against Better Judgment 1

Against Better Judgment 2

Against Better Judgment 3

Against Better Judgment 4

Against Better Judgment 5

Broken Spirits

Broken Spirits 2

Broken Spirits 3



Euphoria 7

Euphoria 8 Full

Euphoria 8 Teaser

Euphoria 10 Mini Mix

Euphoria 11

Hard as Fuck 1

Hard as Fuck 2

Hard Times

HD Sessions 1

HD Sessions 2

HD Sessions 3

HD Sessions 4

KiKing it Hard 1

Live at Emotion 5

Live at Good Friendz

Love of Lights Promo

No More Rock and Roll

No Regrets